A real eye-opener, a fine tune-up to those of us who think we are experienced, seasoned speakers.
— Jay Weston, Huffington Post

One of the biggest challenges facing executives, leaders, and everyday people who need to get up in front of a crowd, is making their messages clear, believable, and easy to understand. If your message isn't made in a compelling way, why would others believe in you - or product, service, or company.

Antoinette Byron is an expert on presentation. She trains people in how to use their own talents to best deliver their messages to audiences, bringing expert performance techniques that can also be used by the everyday person.

Antoinette can show you - and your team - how to use your own natural acting abilities to become better presenters and communicators.

Whether your group is looking to improve one-on-one interaction, or make a greater impact in group presentations, Antoinette brings her special charismatic charm that will keep your audience informed and entertained.

"Antoinette Byron is not only one of the best public speakers you'll ever hear but is also an expert on the human voice.
Her valuable coaching will help make anybody's speaking voice more resonant and compelling."

- Johnny Cho
Director of Communications Projects, Milken Family Foundation

"As a speaker and actress, Ms. Byron brings an element of magic to her work.  She's beautiful, charismatic, intelligent and articulate. 
In her keynote speech, "The Pros and Cons of Blending In", Ms. Byron describes her history as a child growing up in England and Australia with humor and wisdom and shares insights anyone can use. 

Pamela Kelly, M.A.
Communications Specialist
Pamela Kelly Communications
Author, "Speak with Passion, Speak with Power! (and get the results you want!)"
UCLA Lecturer

"This workshop was an eye opener. Great content, delivery and instruction.  A must take class." 
– Jeff Leon, General Motors Advanced Design

"As a frequent speaker in public situations, I thought I knew how to do it. A great tune-up for even seasoned presenters. I highly recommend."
– Wayne Hunt, Principal, Hunt Design

"Excellent practical tips with real world applications. Look forward to the next time I have an opportunity to present!" 
– Kari St. Clair, Director of Production, NBC

"Antoinette is an amazing teacher - a true professional.  She teaches from experience and with great warmth and that's when true learning takes place." 
Anne Reeves